For the smiles
of our customers

Kani Doraku's Commitment

Creation of a store with the most of care and attention to detail

We have been serving crab dishes for 63 years. We have created comfortable seating for our guests, and our signature dish, kani-sukiyaki, has maintained the same taste as when it was first served.

  • Carefully Selected Ingredients

    We are particular about the freshness of our crab, and carefully prepare dishes that bring out the best of the ingredients. Please enjoy the taste of our specialties, restaurant that brings out the best of the crab's flavor.

  • Quality Experience

    We offer a blissful moment in an extraordinary space that is both dignified and sophisticated. Enjoy crab dishes in various types of seatings both large and small.

  • Omotenashi Spirit

    We are always looking forward to seeing our customers with a smile on their face and a "thank you" from them.


We take pride in being a crab specialty restaurant, and we will never forget the "good taste, reasonable price,
and kindness" that we have maintained since the establishment of our restaurant.
We are especially particular about freshness and maximizing the quality of the ingredients,
and we will provide all customers with the best crab dishes without compromising any of our dishes.

dish - kani-suki

We are proud of our kani-suki, which has maintained the same taste since its establishment, using our secret "white soy sauce broth" that accentuates the delicate sweetness of the crab. We are particular about the light yet deep broth, and are constantly researching not only the salt content but also the flavor to ensure that it does not become spicy even after boiling down.

crab shabu-shabu

The golden dashi is our secret soup stock made from carefully selected kelp, bonito, and carefully scrutinized white soy sauce. The dashi meets the umami from the high-quality crab and vegetables in the pot, and enhances the flavor of the crab.

sashimi of crab

The unique mellow sweetness that spreads in your mouth when you taste the meat is a proof of freshness, and we offer only the best crab, not only freshly landed, but also carefully selected in terms of size and meat content.

Grilled crab

Grilled crab has a fragrant aroma and a sweet taste that is very appealing. Freshly baked crab has a different flavor from raw crab.